57 Street Rd. Suite M | Southampton, PA 18966

57 Street Rd. Suite M | Southampton, PA 18966

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Southampton, PA

Implants are hypoallergenic, biocompatible restorations that set inside your bone, much like a natural tooth would. They’re about the same width and length as an anatomical root. Like other types of surgical grade materials, implants are made of titanium, which facilitates new bone growth around it (fusing the implant into your mouth permanently.)

Advantages of Implants in Southampton

  • Designed to last for life
  • Mimic natural teeth
  • Support your facial profile
  • Delay bone loss
  • Non-invasive to other teeth
  • Predictable
  • Easy to care for
  • For single or multiple tooth replacement

What to Expect

Dental implant in Southampton, PA placement is a predictable and straightforward process. Although some people request sedation, Dr. Harry Habbel can generally install implants with a small amount of local anesthetic. Since the gums are the only area with nerve endings, you’ll feel little to nothing during the actual procedure.

It’s important for your implants to integrate with the bone around them, so we’ll want to wait a few months before affixing a permanent restoration on top of your new prosthesis.

Types of Implant Restorations

Your dental implant is just the “root” portion of having a new tooth. On top, we’ll need to attach a fixed restoration like a crown, bridge, or denture (depending on how many teeth you’re missing.) Since implants are stronger than natural teeth, they’re able to work in pairs to support the weight of multiple tooth restorations at one time. .

During your treatment planning process, Dr. Harry Habbel will discuss the various options and combinations of implants and restorations available. Together, we’ll find a solution that meets your smile needs, timeline, budget, and health.

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Dr. Harry Habbel and our staff are friendly, welcoming, and will take the time to inform you of all of your options. Dr. Harry Habbel will make a detailed recommendation about the best choice for your oral health by customizing it to your needs. Schedule an appointment and let us transform your smile into something as beautiful as you are.

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I had a pleasant experience with the Staff and the Doctor. I was very comfortable with the Dental experience I had. I would recommend their services to patients with Dental Needs. The Doctor spent quality time diagnosing my issue with a tooth that I had alot of decay.. He also told me what I needed to do in regards to the tooth for the Future. I appreciated his honesty.
~ Tim D.

My whole family has been coming here for years. This includes my parents and my children. The office provides outstanding care in a warm, friendly, and caring manner. They make it a point to know our family well. Dr. Habbel is an excellent dentist who has performed routine and as well as complicated dental procedures on family members. I would highly recommend this practice!
~ Wendy F.

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