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We offer custom porcelain crowns and bridges in Southampton that are carefully shaped and color-matched so that they blend in with your smile for optimal fit and aesthetics.

When you're looking for custom crowns & bridges and live in Southampton, PA patients can rest assured that Dr. Habbel plans out each treatment as if it were for a member of his own family. His specialized education and artistic eye ensure that all of our reconstructive services are individually tailored to both the oral health and aesthetic needs of our patients.

Custom Porcelain Crowns

  • Recent endodontic treatment (root canals)
  • Replacement with a dental implant
  • Large cavities or cracks
  • Extensive, older metal fillings

Custom Crowns

Unlike an inlay or onlay, crowns in Southampton, Pennsylvania cover the entire surface of a tooth up to the gumline. They are often the last line of defense for preserving normal biting and chewing capabilities in structurally damaged teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges

As the name suggests, bridges span the length between two teeth, filling in the space between them. We frequently use bridges over healthy teeth after an extraction, or on top of dental implants in place of a partial denture.

By preserving the natural tooth spacing after losing a tooth, bridges can help you avoid unwanted shifting throughout the mouth while maintaining normal biting/chewing function.

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Dr. Harry L. Habbel and our staff are friendly, and welcoming, and will take the time to inform you of all of your options. Dr. Harry L. Habbel will make a detailed recommendation about the best choice for your oral health by customizing it to your needs. Schedule an appointment and let us transform your smile into something as beautiful as you are.


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Personable, friendly, and professional.
Normally I hate going to the dentist, as most do. It was my first visit for a consultation...a completely new experience and all. I was quickly put at ease by Dr. Habbel and his staff. Looks like I've found a new dentist for life.
~ Steve M.

My teeth and mouth feel great.
I started coming to Dr. Habbel when I was a kid and now bring my family because of his level of care and work. The staff are always friendly and make you feel like family.

~ S.

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