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Laser Dentistry

Dr. Habbel's office employs cutting-edge laser technology to make your dental visits comfortable and stress-free. The benefits of lasers abound. They minimize bleeding and swelling and require less anesthesia than traditional techniques, increasing the comfort and convenience of many procedures. In addition, they're known for working quickly and more quietly, and they virtually eliminate postoperative discomfort. Lasers are used in dentistry for endodontic procedures as well as in tooth whitening, dental bonding and periodontal therapy. Many patients with "gummy" smiles are amazed with the results of laser gum contouring, a quick and easy treatment that eliminates excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth. Dr. Habbel uses four types of lasers for hard- and soft-tissue procedures.

DIAGNOdent® Laser The DIAGNOdent® laser is highly effective on teeth without existing

composite resin restorations, amalgams, or sealants. The DIAGNOdent® laser highlights

decay hidden below the surface of the tooth, enabling dentists to detect hidden cavities with

90 percent accuracy.

Diode Laser The diode laser is especially useful for relatively delicate aesthetic surgery on

soft tissue. The laser precisely modifies soft tissue with minimal risk of damage to

surrounding areas, while virtually eliminating bleeding and discomfort. This type of laser is

particularly useful for sculpting and clearing dental tissue, troughing, crown fitting, reducing

clotting, performing gingivectomies, sterilizing periodontal pockets, and performing

cosmetic procedures.

"Pain-free" Care

Advances in pain management make virtually painless injections possible, which can alleviate the stress often associated with an injection traditionally required for numbing. A topical anesthetic can be applied to the tissue, allowing you to enjoy the effects of anesthesia without the discomfort of an injection.

Digital X-rays

Dr. Habbel's use of digital radiography makes diagnosis more accurate and produces less radiation. X-rays are taken quickly and easily and appear immediately on the computer screen for both you and the dentist to view. Digital X-rays also help ensure effective treatment by enabling dentists to accurately diagnose a wide range of problems more quickly and more conveniently than ever.

PaX-Duo 3D CT Scanner

With this efficient, high quality Panoramic and 3D digital x-ray at his fingertips, Dr. Habbel is able to provide a clear, concise diagnosis and treatment plan. And just as important - at an affordable price.

CAESY® Patient Education System

Dr. Habbel utilizes the CAESY® Patient Education System, a series of short multimedia presentations about various dental health issues and procedures. After viewing these clear, informative descriptions of your proposed treatment, you will feel more empowered and fully up-to-date in making decisions about your dental health.

Intraoral Cameras

The intraoral camera gives patients a complete view of the mouth during diagnosis and treatment. A tiny camera inserted into the mouth transmits a live on-screen view of the area being treated while the procedure is in progress. This allows the dentist to perform many procedures with even greater precision while giving patients a better understanding of how their treatment is accomplished.

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With Dr. Habbel's expert use of today's most cutting-edge dental technology, your dental visits can be more comfortable than you ever imagined. To learn more about the options available for your next dental exam, contact us today.

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Dr. Habbel's practice achieves top-notch results with the most cutting-edge dental technology on the market. His expert use of lasers for a variety of procedures puts him at the forefront of his field. In keeping with his belief that dental care should be comfortable and personalized, Dr. Habbel strives to offer you all the benefits of modern dentistry. He therefore makes a point of keeping abreast of the most cutting-edge technological advances in his field, including:


Harry L. Habbel, D.D.S.

Comprehensive Cosmetic and General Dentistry

57 Street Rd. Suite M, Southampton, PA 18966

Ph. (215) 357-1180 • Fx. (215) 357-1766

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