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Dental Restorations with Mini Dental Implants (MDIs)

Mini dental implants (MDIs) can make a life-changing difference for patients with dentures or missing teeth. While traditional implants require invasive surgery, multiple office visits, sutures, and months of healing, MDIs represent a quicker, more convenient alternative at roughly half the cost. Since becoming available over ten years ago, MDIs have had a 98 percent success rate in stabilizing dentures, aiding in full-mouth restorations, and replacing missing teeth. After having your MDIs placed, you can immediately continue to enjoy your favorite foods, and smile, laugh, and talk with confidence. Dr. Habbel performs comprehensive placement of MDIs and is the only dentist in the Southampton area to offer this remarkable procedure.

The MDI Process — Combining Comfort and Convenience

The placement of MDIs requires only two office visits over the course of about one month. During your first visit, Dr. Habbel will take a CBCT of your mouth to precisely determine the location of your mini dental implant(s) and under mild local anesthesia the implant(s) will be placed.The procedure is relatively straightforward; because it is minimally invasive, it requires no sutures and involves a short healing period. Next, either impressions are taken for the lab to fabricate a crown and a second visit will be necessary for Dr. Habbel to deliver the mini dental implant crown. Or your existing denture will be altered to fit over and attach to the MDI's.

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Mini Dental Implants

A quicker, more convenient alternative

at about half the cost


Harry L. Habbel, D.D.S.

Comprehensive Cosmetic and General Dentistry

57 Street Rd. Suite M, Southampton, PA 18966

Ph. (215) 357-1180 • Fx. (215) 357-1766

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Why Can Mini Dental Implant Technology be a

better option than"regular implants"?

The benefits:

• Micro-Surgery, A faster procedure

• No cutting; no stitches

• Quick recovery; immediate use

• Less expensive

• Less bone required

• More suitable for those with other medical issues


We use the Vatech CBCT Scanning System