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Dentistry for Seniors

Dr. Habbel understands the dental problems that come along with aging, and he has tailored his practice and payment plans accordingly. Treatment options specifically designed for senior citizens include:

In his commitment to providing comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Habbel strives to protect the smiles of your family for years to come. Treatments aimed at cavity prevention, oral hygiene education, and emergency care include:

Children's dentistry — Dr. Habbel's skill and sensitivity to the

needs of children make him the perfect dentist for your family. His

expert treatment of children's dental problems and his

attentiveness to their particular maintenance needs will help

preserve the health and beauty of your child's smile.

Sealants — Dental sealants are an effective defense against tooth

decay for adults and children. The plastic resin of the sealant

bonds to the depressions and grooves in the back teeth,

preventing corrosive bacteria and food particles from settling there.

The sealant is quickly and easily applied to the surface of each

tooth and hardened with a laser. It provides several years of

protection and reinforces the effects of regular brushing and


Fluoride treatments — The use of fluoride prevents tooth decay

by reducing the effect of acids and bacteria on tooth enamel.

Fluoride treatments come in liquid, tablet, and chewable tablet

form as supplements to a solid dental hygiene regimen. Talk to

Dr. Habbel about whether fluoride treatments would be beneficial

for reinforcing your family's oral hygiene.

Oral exams — Dr. Habbel performs diagnostic oral exams to

create your personalized treatment plan.

Professional cleanings — To keep your teeth healthy and

beautiful, you need a professional cleaning at least once every six

months. Contact our office to schedule your routine cleaning


Preventive education — One of the keys to giving patients a

healthy smile is education. Dr. Habbel and his staff strive to keep

you as empowered and informed as possible about your dental


Professional breath control — Dr. Habbel offers several

professional breath treatments, including periodontal procedures

and professional cleanings. Dr. Habbel can advise you about the

possible causes of halitosis and offer treatment options.

Dental emergencies — Dr. Habbel is there to provide emergency

care in the event of tooth loss or any other dental emergency

experienced by a member of your family.

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Dr. Habbel's comprehensive approach to dental care makes his practice the ideal place to take your family for any dental treatment. To learn more about how we can meet the dental needs of you and your family, contact our practice today.

Sleep Apnea, Headaches, and Migraines


People affected by sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly in their sleep due to airway obstructions, a failure of the brain to prompt breathing, or a combination of both. As a result, their sleep is frequently interrupted and inadequate; over time, this can cause cardiovascular problems, memory and concentration lapses, weight gain, impotence, and headaches. Fortunately, there are many treatment options, including positional therapies, weight loss, and surgery. For many patients, placement of a specially designed oral appliance eliminates headaches, migraines, and other unpleasant side effects of sleep apnea. This removable appliance alters the shape of the mouth during sleep in a way that helps clear the nasal passageways, enabling steady breathing throughout the night. Contact Dr. Habbel's practice for more information about this highly effective oral appliance.

Teeth grinding, arthritis, and bite problems can affect the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) located on either side of the jaw, which control jaw movement. Any interference with the temporomandibular joint can cause a painful TMJ disorder characterized by headaches; ear, jaw, and neck pain; or clicking noises when the jaw is opened and closed. Dr. Habbel's treatment of TMJ problems offers significant relief for patients with any of these symptoms. Using stress reduction, relaxation techniques, and mouth protectors to prevent teeth grinding, Dr. Habbel reduces pressure on the temporomandibular joint, enabling it to heal while symptoms gradually fade and disappear.

pain-free care makes the procedure surprisingly stress-free. Since Dr. Habbel has extensive training and experience performing root canal therapy, you will not have to visit an outside specialist. As a skilled endodontic surgeon, Dr. Habbel performs root canals in a single procedure, after which most patients enjoy a speedy recovery.

Root canal procedures are performed when a tooth's inner soft tissue becomes irreversibly damaged by infection, cavities, or trauma. The root canal procedure removes this tissue to preserve teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted. If you are in need of root canal therapy, Dr. Habbel is the dentist for you. While no one  looks forward to root canal reatment, Dr. Habbel's commitment to

Endodontic Therapy


In addition to affecting dental health, periodontal disease can harm a person's overall well-being. In particular, gum problems have been linked to heart disease, stroke, complications during pregnancy, diabetes, respiratory problems, and osteoporosis. To help prevent these systemic health problems, Dr. Habbel is pleased to provide periodontal treatment of the highest caliber.

Periodontal Care


Dental Care for

the Whole Family

Comprehensive Care for All Your Dental Needs

Dr. Habbel offers comprehensive dental care, making whole-health dentistry available to your entire family. At our practice, whole-health dentistry means providing the latest, most effective dentistry available in a warm, caring environment that makes each patient as comfortable as possible. Dr. Habbel's extensive residency training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital enables him to provide comprehensive care with no need to refer patients to endodontic and periodontal specialists. Dr. Habbel's experience and friendly demeanor are perfect for treating patients of all ages; the convenience and comfort of knowing that one's entire family is fully cared for by the same dentist is something that our patients truly appreciate. Our comprehensive dental services include the following:

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Habbel takes great interest in complex restorative cases. Because of his extensive training and natural gift for dental restoration, virtually no problem is beyond the scope of our practice. To review the many restorative options available to you, contact Dr. Habbel today. Dr. Habbel is able to restore function and beauty to your smile with a variety of services:


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TMJ Treatment

Family Dentistry


Pain-Free Care

Harry L. Habbel, D.D.S.

Comprehensive Cosmetic and General Dentistry

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